S.U.P. Rental

At Quest Kiteboarding we have decided to work with the latest, safest and most durable equipment available on the market. All our S.U.P’s are brand new inflatable models that have been engineered towards providing the ultimate all-around experience whilst on the water.

Currently we have 2 Easyride 10’6” models in yellow which are our learner and cruiser boards. Ideal for all around usage, their wider sterns provide greater buoyancy and balance and allows for a faster glide on flat water.

For more info, click below…

For more info, click below…

We also house 1 10′ Evolution inflatable in blue which is specifically a wave riding tool more suitable for those of you with paddleboarding experience looking to head straight out to the reef to catch some swell.

Accompanying these are a range of adjustable paddles to ensure you always have the right paddle size for your height.

As part of our supervised rental scheme our team will pump up your equipment, assist with carrying everything down to the shoreline, provide you with some general safety and location guidelines and always be at hand should you run into problems or need some additional help both on and off the water.