2016 Rates

Kitesurfing beginner options:

*Please note all courses are designed to be run on a 2-1 teaching ratio, with a maximum of 3 hours training per day*

Kitesurfing coaching:

2 Hour Refresher session
€90 p/p
2 Hour Advanced clinic
€90 p/p
1 Hour Self Recovery/Pack down technique
€50 p/p
Private hourly coaching on a 1-1 ratio
€70 p/p

IKO Assistant Instructor course:

*This course is run over a minimum of 3 days*

Kite Buggying Beginner options:

*Please note the 4 hour Intermediate training is intended to be run over the course of 2 days with a max ratio of 2-1 Instructor*

Stand Up Paddleboarding beginner options:

*Please note these courses are designed to be run at a max ratio of 2 students to 1 Instructor*

Paddleboard Yoga:

*Please note this course is run on a 1-1 ratio*

Quest Iron Man package:

€175 p/p

*This course is intended as a 2 day event with a maximum of 3 hours training per day*
*Please note we are able to accommodate up to 4 students at a time on this program*

Additional services:

Basic equipment wash and pack down
€3 p/p per day

*Fresh water rinse, dry and pack down by our staff*


Basic equipment storage only
€5 p/p per day

*Benefits includes use of the school showers, changing room and chill zone*

V.I.P equipment storage
€10 p/p per day

*Added perks include carrying and set up by our staff at your discretion and daily equipment wash and packdown*

Bookings will only be confirmed upon receiving a 50% deposit of the course balance

Confirmation of booking will only be issued once Quest Kiteboarding Ltd. has received the 50% deposit

Credit facilities and special contracts must be applied for separately

100% of the total payment must be made upon completion of all courses

We accept all major currencies

Currently we do not facilitate credit card payments however can accept Mpesa transactions