30 Minute Beach Taster

This all begins with using a small land based ‘foil’ or trainer kite. Initially you will be introduced to the concept of the ‘wind window’ or area above you that the kite is able to move around in. It is here that we can start to visualise how the kite will steer, handle and the effects of placing the kite at different positions or angles within this ‘window’.


As the trainer kite has no internal bladder and is designed to act as an air foil that catches the wind and inflates the kite, it ensures that within the early stages of learning there is a lot less power and virtually no upward lift. This reduces the amount of risk involved and makes learning safe, fun and exciting for anybody willing to give it a go!

The following skills will be covered during the half hour taster session:

Understand safe wind direction and conditions for kiting

Understand the theory and visualize the ‘wind window’

Set up a trainer kite with bar/lines

Understand the use of the safety system

Practice basic flying skills with trainer kite

Launch and land the trainer kite with an assistant

Twist and untwist the lines whilst flying the trainer kite

Walk and change direction whilst flying the trainer kite

Know how to stop the kites power in case of any problem by releasing the bar

Position the trainer kite on request from 9 to 3 o’clock within the wind window

Fly the trainer kite through the power zone without crashing it


This session will not only provide you with enough information to be able to fly foil land kites safely and independently but also allows you the option to continue training with us by progressing on to either our 3 hour Discovery course or opting for the complete 9 hour Intermediate or 12 hour Advanced package.