9 Hour Intermediate

Our Intermediate course is open to all levels and covers the complete IKO syllabus, everything from early Taster land based flying, body dragging and water re-launch techniques covered in the Discovery section and onto first board starts and solo riding.

We would recommend this program to anybody seriously looking to get involved with the sport as it will cover all the essential skills and topics necessary to facilitate your safe understanding and application of kite flying practice.

To view all the key points covered within this course check out this IKO weblink.

We recommend this program be learnt over 3 consecutive days, based around 3 hours per day.  This will ensure a fast and progressive learning curve for the student whilst at the same time being a  fun and unique experience!

The key theory concerning our Intermediate course will involve:

Rules of the Road
Determining wind strength, direction and quality
Use of essential safety equipment
Deciding on equipment choice
Understanding the importance of the pack down self-rescue procedure and its application on both 4 and 5 line systems
Wind, weather and tidal effects

Group Feedback

At the end of each course we sit down and evaluate each student’s personal achievements and progression over the last three days.
According to IKO standards we will certify you according to how much of the syllabus we have covered with you and provide each student with an international IKO kitesurfing card.

This certification then allows the individual the option to either rent equipment in the future with other kite schools or ensures that any other instructor taking over the role has a clear indication of what is next in line to be taught.

Quest also offer a 12 hour Advanced package that features everything covered in this 9 hour course. We then expand on your independent riding ability by looking at transitions, up wind riding using correct edging technique and controlled jumping and landing