Kite buggying is similar to land yachting in as much as the techniques and guidelines involved have been adopted from this activity. Whilst invented by the Chinese back in the early 13th century, modern popularization of the sport began in the 1970’s and has steadly grown ever since.


Using a foil land kite, the power of the wind and a 3 wheeled cart, speeds in excess of 110 km/h have been achieved by skilled drivers on some of the harshest terrain on the planet.

Contrary to popular belief, kite buggying is much easier than kite landboarding where more balance and body posture is required.

Check out our Kite buggy cam for an idea of just how much fun this sport is here on the beaches of Diani.

Performed by the driver seated in the middle of the cart, the light purpose built buggy is powered by the traction kite which is either hooked into the pilot’s harness, flown unhooked on the bar alone or with handles.

Accelleration and braking are achieved through steering manoeuvers using your feet and the front wheel whilst co-ordinating the flying manoeuvers of the kite above.

We run all our lesson on beautiful Diani Beach at low tide. With miles and miles of unspoilt white sandy beach and consistent warm trade winds, conditions for learning kite buggy here are phenomenal.


What we Offer

We run 2 different courses, our 2 hour kite buggy discovey for those of you looking to see what the hype is all about and our 4 hour intermediate coaching course designed to enable you to reach a good level and be able to continue on by yourself safety and independently.

  • 2 hour kite buggy discovery course

    2 hour kite buggy discovery course

    This course begins with a site and surface assessment, safety guidelines and basic theory involving the 'wind window' and correct kite flying technique. From here its time to get flying and start to experience the addictive nature of the sport...

  • 4 hour kite buggy intermediate course

    4 hour kite buggy intermediate course

    This course is an extension of our 2 hour Discovery course and is run over 2 days as 2 individual 2 hour sessons. The first day is the same as the Discovery course... The second day then allows us to begin to focus on upwind tacking, sharp 180° turns...

  • Kite and Buggy Rental

    Kite and Buggy Rental

    If you've got the skills and can prove it, we are happy to rent our kite buggy to you. If you don't have your own kite, you can rent that too!

The maximum number of students per group per instructor is 2, we supply all equipment necessary including helmet, long sleeve rash vest to protect you from the suns rays, sunglasses if you forgot your own and suncream too. All you will need to bring is a pair of sturdy shoes or flipflops, a good sense of humour and as much excitement as you can muster!

Kite buggying is suitable for anybody aged 8 or above and despite its extreme image is easy and safe to learn with the mis-conception being that it requires a great deal of upper body strength and fitness.


We highly recommend kite buggying as a light wind alternative should the conditions have not picked up enough yet to get out on the water or for those of you that are intrigued by kite flying but either cant fully commit to a full beginners water based course due to time restrictions or would prefer a sports activity that is beach oriented rather than ocean based.