IKO Assistant Instructor Course

Are you interested in landing a job as an Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor, or do you want to start your pro kiteboarding career and need to gain experience to attend an IKO Instructor Training Course?

Either way, the Assistant Instructor training program is for you!

Becoming an Assistant Instructor is a great way to gain experience to prepare for a professional career, or simply discover what an Instructor’s job is all about!

If you intend on registering for an ITC (Instructor Training Course to become a Level 1 Instructor) but have no prior teaching background in a watersport, then this course is mandatory. In sum, it is the best way to unite your passion with your job – and you can start your training as young as 16 years old.

Not only does the Assistant Instructor program provide you with hands-on experience, but it also helps build great teaching and organizational skills. In addition, you will learn more about the equipment, how to prepare and use it properly, how to follow the fundamental safety principles and much more. Lastly, becoming an Assistant Instructor also provides you with the opportunity to fully discover how a kiteboarding centre works.

What We Offer

As soon as you have purchased and completed your study of the online IKO AI manual, you will be ready for the live training. The Assistant Instructor Training Course (AITC) is organized in 3 steps and is completed in a minimum of three days.

Step one and step two are completed within the first day of training and include: an evaluation of competencies (kiteboarding knowledge and riding level) as well as an evaluation of theoretical competencies (level check and update of knowledge). You will also be acquainted with how a professional school functions, how bookings are managed, equipment is handled and stored as well as general spot set up.

Step three involves working with an Instructor Level 2 in live situations where Assistants will act as the Instructor for at least ten hours of lesson time.

Following the completion of shadowing hours you will be signed off and accredited by Jamie, our in-house IKO Level 2 Senior Instructor. Qualification benefits include access to work teaching one student at a time whilst supervised, access to online job listing and pro areas of the IKO website as well as eligibility to register for the pre ITC online course and Level 1 Instructor training program.

Currently to date Jamie has run 11 A.I courses here in Diani and is very much involved in the training and development of local riders in East Africa who are looking to develop their skills and begin a professional career in teaching and coaching.

Please note that in order to be eligable for AI training the following prerequisites are required:

Be at least 16 years old (Candidates under 18 years old must obtain parental consent).

Be certified as an IKO Member Level 3-N.

Have a valid First Aid and CPR certificate.

Must have downloaded and studied the online IKO Manual.

Must be able to read and write.